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Sun : Mar 17 : 2013

Bowlarama 2013 - Through Our Eyes

Bowl-A-Rama was another epic event for us this year, collaborating with the crew over at Frontside Events. Amongst the hectic shoot schedule of grabbing interviews and covering the action, we busted out some new camera gear to capture a different spin on the event...
We thought we'd get all cinematic on the air time stunts that these pro skaters achieve and decided to kick off a new series of shorts. This is the first clip of a series we've coined 'Through Our Eyes'.

Click for awesome

To give the clip a cool cinematic edge, we had help from Underground Sound in Wellington NZ. They mixed some mad sound fx to compliment the air time action we caught on camera.
Also, another big shout out to the boys from Bliss n Eso who have contributed another track to this years product. We feature their song 'Neverland' from the album 'Running on Air'.


Fri : Feb 22 : 2013

Hackdown Smackdown!

So, we got seriously hacked recently... the entire SMF website went down in blazing glory as we were overrun by some flag waving hackers looking to promote their ideals. Sorry for the scare if you dropped by to see what's up and were greeted with some nasty web design and bad music!
Well, Stikman does what Stikman does best, and that's get back up and keep on walking. So we're back, stronger than ever!

Replace image here

With all the drama of losing our site, we had a chance to reflect and look ahead to future online plans. So now we've also begun developing a swanky new site! We hope to launch the makeover later this year as we power ahead into bigger and better things. Stay tuned!

Wed : Jan 09 : 2013

Happy New Year from planet SMF!

2012 was another busy year for the SMF crew, a year we were mostly involved in productions outside of SMF! That meant less time for our own ideas, but we're proud to have still gotten a few productions up and running. Some are still shooting, some are in post, but most importantly we're still doing our best to produce interesting content.
So, with all the lost time for our own stuff this year, we decided to take advantage of the holidays and bust out a quick, fun film for ourselves!
Even during our break, we're still keen to grab the camera and make stuff... So we mustered a crew together, grabbed a couple of surfers, got up at the crack'o'dawn and headed for the nearest isolated beach. After the shoot, it was a couple of days playing in the office and then, bam! We present to you, Earth for Surf!

Surfing - not just for Humans

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the SMF world in 2012! We love you guys.

Thu : Jul 05 : 2012

How to make the most of your Sunday...

While Trick Meter moves into post production in NZ, we've got another project shooting on the Gold Coast, Australia...
Ever thought about how much you can cram into a Sunday? Well we decided to answer that question with a look at one man's quest to max out his one day off, in "Day of Rest". This is SMF's second short production for 2012.

Always time for a kiteboard

Finding the best conditions for each sequence of the film has been a time consuming process. Our patience is finally starting to pay off and we've managed to make some serious progress with this shoot. Our starring rider Kurt Nischel is a man of many talents and is dropping his full kit of weapons for this film. We're lucky to have such a multi-talented rider for this particular film as the premise demands a very unique individual to get the story across. Thanks Kurt! We're loving your work.

Racing against the daylight

With just a few more sequences to shoot, we hope to wrap the shooting for "Day of Rest" within the next few weeks. Then it's into the time consuming process of post-production!

Sat : Jun 09 : 2012

Trick Meter Shoot Wraps!

We recently wrapped on our Trick Meter shoot in Wellington, NZ! Shot over a weekend in a warehouse, there was a lot of work involved in setting up before the cameras could roll. For the premise of this film we needed to create a 'black void,' so rigging all the bits and pieces for lighting and staging took some time...

Rigging the backdrop for lighting

Once the lighting was set, we sorted out what coverage we needed and began to lock in all our camera positions. With quite a few vfx shots involved in this shoot, it was important for us to pre-plan these angles and make sure we had cameras arranged correctly.

Testing things out

With everything in place, it was go time! We powered through an intense two nights of shooting, with 11 different set-ups including kicker jumps, grinds, hippies and dodging random characters. Our skater Jack Fagan put in a stellar effort busting out his full trick arsenal across the entire shoot. With a late finish on the second night and the shoot still incomplete, we had a frantic sprint to the finish grabbing the remaining few shots on Sunday afternoon before it was time to pack up.

Framed up for one of our final shots

So now we're loaded up with all this footage, it's time to head into some heavy post-production. Editing is the first big task on the list, so stay tuned as we kick this thing into gear!

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